Money Raised for Ethiopian Lasallian school

April 12, 2019

Students at Bisrate Gabriel benefit from CDH's donations.

This week, CDH students raised $2,500 for Bisrate Gabriel, a Lasallian school located in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.

Bisrate Gabriel is CDH's  'twinned' school, part of a Lasallian initiative that encourages financially able Districts to aid those most in need.

The school serves more than 2,000 students in pre-kindergarten through grade12. Despite adding more classrooms, the demand is high every year and the school cannot accept all interested students. Additionally, Bisrate Gabriel runs an evening school for adults seeking to achieve high school diplomas, which currently enrolls more than 800 students.

Donations from CDH make a big difference for Bisrate Gabriel. 

Margaret Musolf '20 tastes traditional Ethiopian food, served by Ethan Thompson '20, President of the Twinning Club.“Through your help, we are able to help several poor but outstanding kids get a good education. It’s my prayer and wishes that this great program would continue for the betterment of our poor kids,” said headmaster Brother Kassaye Antuan, FSC.

Lasallian schools throughout North America are twinned with the Lwanga District in Africa, which includes Kenya, Nigeria, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and South Africa. The high cost of education in these countries presents a major challenge for most students, many of whom are poor and some without families. Therefore, the schools subsidize much of the cost. Schools use twinning donations for tuition assistance, maintenance and expansion of school facilities, books and class materials, and other essential school expenses. To limit additional costs, students are responsible for many chores on campus, including cleaning buildings and maintaining grounds, growing food, and preparing, serving, and cleaning up after meals.

While the benefits for African students are many, twinning also gives North American students an opportunity to learn about other cultures, customs, and viewpoints. It helps to build character and respect as well as develop responsibility. The partnership connects Lasallian students on two continents, in solidarity as brothers and sisters, to share challenges, accomplishments, stories, and experiences.


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