Raider Brigade Celebrates Twilight Parade

May 11, 2022

Photo by Julianna Klein '22.

For the first time since 2019, the JROTC Twilight Parade honored and celebrated our cadets. 

On May 4, the CDH community gathered for this favorite tradition. The Crack Drill team rehearsed their precision rifle routine and the brigade rehearsed their drill and ceremony outside in the cold for a week in preparation for the event and their hard work paid off as they looked sharp and professional in front of a crowd of more than 500 students, parents, administrators, faculty, staff who attended on a beautiful Spring evening. Senior Army Instructor Colonel Joe Scrocca spoke and dozens of students were recognized with awards. 

JROTC Superior Cadet:  
Cadet LTC Sofia Heer '22
Cadet 2LT Will Ek '23
Cadet SGT Olivia Evans '24
Cadet PFC Hannah Yaeger '25
JROTC Citizenship Award:
Cadet SFC Connor Howe '22
Cadet SSG Olivia Kimlinger '23
Cadet SGT Josephine Thomas '24
Cadet PFC Kellan Shetka '25
Raider Brigade JROTC Academic Excellence Award:
Cadet SGT Katie O'Donnell '24
Cadet SGT Katie Chestovich '24
Cadet Jacqueline Lauer '25
Raider Brigade JROTC Military Excellence Award:
Cadet 2LT Je'Teyah Thomas '23
Cadet SGT Cameron Kawalec '24
Cadet PFC Dryden Thompson Wood '25
Raider Brigade JROTC Service Excellence Award:
Cadet SGT Elizabeth Barnett '24
Cadet PFC Brooklyn Johnson '25
Williams Brothers Scholarship
Cadet SGT Olivia Evans '24
Cadet PFC Noah Gomez '25
JROTC Distinguished Academic Excellence Award:
Cadet PFC Michael Nobrega '25
Minnesota Society of the Sons of the American Revloution:
Cadet SSG Patrick McQuillan '23
Sons of the American Revolution ROTC Medal:
Cadet LTC Andy Chestovich '22
Sons of the American Revolution Bronze Good Citizenship Medal:
Cadet SGT Miles Bollinger '24
The Daughters of the American Revolution Medal:
Cadet LTC Avery Cavanaugh '22
The Reserve Organization of American Medal:
Cadet 2LT Sam Laughlin '23
The Military Officers Association of America Medal:
Cadet MAJ Adam Sewich '22
The Daughters of the American Colonists Award:
Cadet SSG Madison Kilne '23
The American Veterans Association JROTC Medal:
Cadet 2LT Patrick Domler '23
The National Sojourner's Award:
Cadet Stephen Flashing '23
The Military Order of the Purple Heart Medal:
Cadet 2LT Alex Fruean '23
The Association of the United States Army:
Cadet 2LT Brady Savard '23
The American Legion Military Excellence Medals:
Gold - Cadet MAJ Will Davis '22
Silver - Cadet 2LT Isabella Keating '23
Bronze - Cadet SGT Kayla Wengelewski '24
The American Legion Academic Excellence Medals:
Gold - Cadet MAJ Valerie Krinke '22
Silver - Cadet 2LT Matthew McConville '23
Bronze - Cadet SGT Bella Brondum '24
The Veterans of Foreigh Wars JROTC Medals:
Cadet LTC Isabella Lauer '22
Cadet 2LT Hugh Burda '23
Cadet SGT Norah Goddard '24
The Voice of Democracy Essay Competition Winner at CDH:
Cadet Seamus Dougherty '22
The U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award:
Cadet 2LT Colin Hilger '23
The U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award:
Cadet LTC Karina Keis '22
Cadet LTC Ben Weber '22
Minnesota Society of the US - Daughters of 1812
Cadet 2LT Maren Gainer '23


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