Raiders Advance to State History Day

March 30, 2021

 National History Day is an annual competition in which students complete a research project connected to a theme. The 2021 theme is "Communication in History: The Key to Understanding." Students had the chance to choose the format their final project would take, such as an exhibit, a website, an essay, or a documentary. 

Of the 31 projects that competed in the Metro Senior Regional Competition, 15 advanced to State, representing 22 students. Two other students were awarded an Honorable Mention. Congratulations to all of the Raiders moving forward in the competition!

Winners of the State competition will be announced in early May.


Individual Exhibit

Val Bezrukov - Telegraph the Most Significant Invention of the 19th Century

Paris Edwards - Muhammad Ali: Protesting through Athletics

Sophie Nemo - Margaret Sanger and her Work Towards Freedom for Women

Madeline Haider - Jane Gray Swisshelm

Jinwoo Oh - Hangui: Proper Sound to Instruct the People

Je’Teyah Thomas - Nina Simone’s “Mississippi Goddam”

Adamari Vargas-Jimenez - Bilingual Education

Honorable Mention

Charlotte Monroe- Jazz Age: Hear Their Voice 

Sam Laughlin - The Boundary Water Controversy 

Group Exhibit

Cecilia Amann, Ella Schuler and Sophia Lentz - The California Gold Rush

Meredith Anfang and Catherine Gaertner - Brown v. Board of Education

Ava Junker and Mara Gleeson - Mayo Clinic: Revolutionary Communication

Jerilyn Stark and Heart Mix - Philippine American War

Individual Website

Jeffery Ko - Yam Fu: How Tanslation Impacted a Country

Group Website

Mason Tansey and Samuel Morford - The Vietnam War: The Living Room War

Maggie Roberto and Norah Malloy - American Sign Language

Individual Documentary

Charlie Geiger - Tim Burners-Lee and the World Wide Web


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