Raiders Respond: Caring for Our Kids

April 16, 2020

Kaup at one of the EKC sites.

While many workplaces have been shut down, healthcare workers, law enforcement, grocery store employees, and many more people are still expected to report for duty. With schools and most daycares closed, they've had to find somewhere new to send their children.

The state of Minnesota created the "Essential Kids Care" (EKC) program to provide care for the children of those essential workers. 

As a healthcare employee of St. Paul Public Schools, our school nurse Tara Kaup has been scheduled shifts at these care sites.

"Having a site where Tier 1 and Tier 2 workers can bring their children and know they are cared for so they can focus on the work they are doing for our community is very rewarding," Kaup said.

"I am the early shift so start my day at 6:00 am," she said. "Kids are running into the school sites with their backpacks with such big smiles and so excited to be at school. That interaction is priceless."


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