Rory King '19 Named Cadet Colonel at Annual JROTC Diamond Promotions

October 26, 2018

Congratulations to the 15 seniors who were promoted during this year's Diamond Promotions Ceremony!

At the annual JROTC Diamond Promotion ceremony, Rory King ’19 received the highest rank of Cadet Colonel and was assigned duties as the Brigade Commander. He is the most recent leader in a long line that stretches back more than 100 years to the founding of our military program in 1917. Prior to the rank of Cadet Colonel, the student in charge of the brigade was a Cadet Major.

Rory joins 14 of his classmates who also earned promotion to diamond rank, so named for the diamond shape of the insignia. These 15 cadets will lead the corps through numerous activities and events culminating with the Twilight Parade on May 15, 2019. In addition to preparing for the parade, each Diamond Officer will manage a special project for the long-term benefit of the Corps.

The Brigade and Battalion staffs will guide the Corps through a continuous improvement program. All will help to celebrate, promote, and enhance the CDH JROTC program, one of the oldest in the United States.

Select officers will also plan, coordinate, and supervise the Upper Midwest JROTC Challenge on February 1, 2019, where approximately 350 JROTC cadets from 15 other schools, gather at Cretin-Derham Hall for a day of competition.

Congratulations to the following seniors who were promoted to Diamond Officers:

Deputy Brigade Commander: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Owen Mische ’19

Brigade Executive Officer: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Edmundo Villalva-Lijo ’19

Brigade S3: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Dahdah ’19
Commander, 1st Battalion: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Seamus Foley ’19

Commander, 2nd Battalion: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Mary Andrzejek ’19

Commander, 3rd Battalion: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Hoover ’19

1st Battalion Executive Officer: Cadet Major Joseph Schwirtz ’19

2nd Battalion Executive Officer: Cadet Major Michael Hannon ’19

3rd Battalion Executive Officer: Cadet Major Ethan Overland ’19

3rd Battalion S3: Cadet Major Joshua Nelson ’19

Brigade S1: Cadet Major Samuel Clausen ’19

Brigade S2: Cadet Major Nicholas Ball ’19 

Brigade S4: Cadet Major Ian Weninger ’19

Brigade S5: Cadet Major Adam Ernster ’19

   Meet your Cadet Colonel: Rory King '19

“I joined JROTC because service has always been a big deal in my family. I have grown up hearing, ‘If you can help, you should,’ so I thought JROTC would offer many opportunities to volunteer. And that has been very true.”
Rory said that it is too soon to know his exact path after graduation, but he hopes to serve as an officer in the military, either through a service academy or ROTC.

“Getting to be part of the CDH community is an experience for which I will always be grateful. We celebrate together, and there has been grieving, also. We will never have a time like this again, so I want to cherish every single moment.”

“It is really hard to name just one of my favorite memories about being in the JROTC program. I loved losing a shoe in the mud during Orienteering; the dodge ball tournament at Camp Ripley; and driving to Council Bluffs for the Color Guard competition. It has been a privilege to be Honor Guard Commander and serve with such a strong corps at the wakes and funerals for members of our community.”
Rory is a very active member of the Cretin-Derham Hall community, where he is the Student Council Vice President. As Chair of the Service Committee, he has led the effort to revitalize the annual Food Drive and helped promote the annual Blood Drive. He is co-captain of the swim/dive team, a Link Crew commissioner, and played Abner in the CDH Theater’s award-winning production of “42nd Street.”

A parishioner of Nativity of Our Lord Church, Rory is a senior altar server and greeter. He works at the St. Paul Tennis Club as a lifeguard and is an assistant tennis pro.

“I have had a lot of help along my way, and have much gratitude for my family — mom Patricia McMorrow, dad Andy King, sister Molly King, uncle David King —my friends, teachers, and coaches.”


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