Speakers Illustrate Dangers of Substance Abuse

April 12, 2022

A speaker from Know the Truth shares his story of addiction and recovery with sophomores and juniors.

Know the Truth and StepUP both visited campus recently to educate our students on the dangers of substance abuse. Know the Truth is a substance abuse prevention program that works with middle and high schools across the state. StepUP is a recovery program at Augsburg College, where college students can live in an sober environment and receive the support they need to stay sober. 

Both organizations sent speakers who have experience with substance abuse, to share their personal stories and answer questions from our students. 

"I hope our students learn that most individuals start using substances casually, without a desire or awareness of becoming addicted," said Gayle Knopik, Chemical Health Counselor. "They may start by experiencing small problems due to their use, however, sometimes problems become life-changing consequences that alter their life."

Substance abuse, especially by teenagers whose brains are still developing, can cause physical, emotional, and intellectual damage. CDH is committed to helping our students live healthy lives. Any students struggling with drug or alcohol use should contact Knopik at gknopik@c-dh.org


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