Student Council

The Cretin-Derham Hall Student Council is led by co-presidents Louis Rottjakob and Max Rottjakob. The student council is made up of an executive, activities, student life, Frosh Force, and service committee, each with their own responsibilities. The executive committee works to influence possible school policy changes, activities leads school events such as Homecoming Week, Chill-Out Week, and Prom, and the service committee organizes two blood drives as well as food and clothing drives throughout the school year. The student life committee works to improve campus life at CDH, and the Frosh Force plans and facilitates activities like the Variety Show. 

Student Council Faculty Advisers

Elections/Executive Committee:  Ms. Angie Keske

Activities Committee:  Ms. Amy Bellus 

Service Committee:  Ms. Patty Murray

Student Life Committee:  Ms. Nicolle Spears

Membership Requirements

In order to be part of student council, members must adhere to the following requirements. Note:  one unit is equal to 20 minutes-1 hour of participation in a Student Council sponsored event. Any member who is below expectation on the following expectations after November 20, will no longer be able to serve on Student Council.


No unexcused absences, notifies VP or advisor when unable to attend meeting


Completes 3 units of participation by November 20, responsible for getting units recorded


In order to receive a letter for involvement in Student Council, you must complete 20 units of service by May 1. Ten (10) units may be at events outside of school, and at least 10 units must be at events in school. A maximum of 10 NHS units can be used. School-sponsored service activities that take place during the school day will get ½ credit (Leap Forward, Habitat, etc.). Lettering students must have no more than one unexcused absence for the year.