Course Requirements

Expectations for General and Honors Credit as well as Lettering Criteria. Honors credit is open to students in grades 10-12 and 9th graders in Wind Ensemble. Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to letter in band.

Course Requirements-General Credit


Assessment Tool Expectations

Rehearsal Etiquette: The rehearsal grade is based on positive participation, attitude and cooperation. As in any other class, disruptive behavior, lack of participation or excessive tardies/absences will affect the grade. Students are expected to have all necessary equipment and music. Cell phones will not be needed and should not be brought to the rehearsal area.

Required Gigs: Students are expected to participate in all required performances such as concerts, parades, field shows and contests—usually 4-5 per trimester.

Lessons: Four lessons are required minimum each trimester and are graded on a 100-point scale.  The Fall audition counts as a lesson as do chair challenges in January.  Forward progress is expected at lessons and poorly prepared lessons may result in the loss of chair position.  Two lessons are required before conferences.  Students may opt. for outside private lessons.

Pep Band: Attendance is required at 50% of all scheduled pep band events.  Students are expected to stay in the pep band area, ready to play, until after half-time or until released.

Written Work: Students may be required to keep a legible class notes or handouts on music theory, music appreciation and terminology. Occasional written tests or Smart Music assignments may be given.

Course Requirements-Honors Credit

Open to all 10th, 11th, and 12th graders and 9th graders in Wind Ensemble. Grading Policies include the above requirements with the following additions: A student not maintaining General requirements will be dropped from Honors.

Outside Concert: Each trimester attend one instrumental performance (high school level or higher) and turn in a report with the concert program. Due dates to be posted each trimester. Guidelines available here: Concert Report.pdf

Here is an outline for working on your concert report. Download pdf version here: Blank Concert Report Outline.pdf

Class Recital: Solo/Ensemble performance each trimester on your major instrument.

Academic Integrity Statement

In this class you will neither give nor receive unauthorized aid without specific permission for collaboration or without proper citation. This includes class work, quizzes, examinations, preparations of reports or projects, or in any other work that is used to evaluate you. You can expect that any papers or projects you turn in will be checked to assure originality and accuracy of citations. At Cretin-Derham Hall we uniformly deplore cheating, lying, fraud, misrepresentation, plagiarism, copying other students' work, and other dishonest behaviors that jeopardize the rights, welfare and integrity of Cretin-Derham Hall.


  • First Documented Offense:  Zero Credit for work.  Teacher will call parents and the Dean of Students will be notified.  The Dean of Students will be responsible for assigning additional consequences.
  • Second Documented Offense:  Academic board of Discipline will recommend consequences, which may include loss of credit for the class or a recommendation for a Board of Review.  These consequences are not limited to cheating in one class; they are cumulative.