Marching Band

While playing in Concert Band or Wind Ensemble remains the hub of our band program, Marching Band is a required part of being in band and starts before school begins in August. We play a few parades and prepare a field show for Homecoming in the Fall. We combine the Concert Band and Wind Ensemble to make the Marching Band. Everybody in enrolled in band is in marching band. We learn how easy it is to play our instrument while moving down the street and on the field.

2015 Marching Music—Styx

There are 2 sides of the marching season including 2 parades and 1 field show done at Homecoming. For parade tunes we typically do 1 tune from the show and 1 tune from a previous pep season. For the field show we do 3 pieces based on a theme.  This year’s theme is the music of Styx including Mr. Roboto, Grand Illusion/Renegade and Come Sail Away. Use the resources on the sidebar to link to audio files for listening and practicing. Files are not edited.