Striving for Growth and Success

Young Alumni Bishop Cretin Society

The Young Alumni Bishop Cretin Society was established to celebrate young alumni/ae of Cretin-Derham Hall (graduates of the last 15 years) who choose to give at a level that distinguishes them among their peers. 

By joining the Young Alumni Bishop Cretin Society, you are demonstrating your belief in the education and opportunities provided by CDH. The purpose of this society is to encourage and acknowledge the giving of our young alums as they progress through young adulthood. 

By making reasonable monthly gifts, alums will eventually be ushered into the existing Bishop Cretin Gift Council by their 15th anniversary reunion year.

I want to join the Young Alumni Bishop Cretin Society!  What's next?

You will become a member by giving at the annual gift level assigned to your class. Here are the ways you can make your gift.

  • You can give the entire gift at once.
  • You can split your gift into quarterly or monthly payments using your credit card, or direct transfers from your checking account. 

Just print the form below, fill it out including a voided check if you choose to do an account transfer, and mail it back in!

Automated Giving Form

The Young Alumni Bishop Cretin Society

How do I know how much to give each year to stay in the Young Alumni/Alumnae Bishop Cretin Society?

  • This chart represents the last 15 years of graduating classes. 
  • Each year your class will move to the right, one column. 
  • By the time you are 15 years out of Cretin-Derham Hall, you will be in the existing Bishop Cretin Council among all alumni, parents and friends.


Class Year










Monthly Gift










Annual Gift











Class Year







Monthly Gift







Annual Gift







Cretin-Derham Hall Donor Loyalty Society

The Cretin-Derham Hall Donor Loyalty Society was established to recognize and thank loyal donors to CDH.  A donor becomes a member after giving a yearly gift for five consecutive fiscal years. 

Cretin-Derham Hall recognizes the difference that every gift makes.  All gifts help advance the mission and values of the school and support academic excellence and community leadership. 

Yearly participation in our annual campaign demonstrates that alumni/ae families and friends of CDH care about the school and hope to see it continue for years to come.