CDH Welcomes Jeb Myers as New President

Content taken from Winter Traditions 2024
June 6, 2024

Cretin-Derham Hall has a new leader as of June 1, 2024. 

Jeb Myers comes to Cretin-Derham Hall with significant leadership experience in Catholic high school education, most recently with the Cristo Rey Network schools both locally and nationally, as well as a founding member of a Christian Brothers' Lasallian school in the Blackfeet Nation, Montana and in Camden, New Jersey earlier in his career. With his ten years as a President, and previous roles as a principal and a teacher, Myers brings an impressive background and commitment to excellence in Catholic education, not only in academics, advancement and school operations but also in strategic planning, enrollment growth, and community relations.

Educational Leadership

In his leadership roles in Catholic high schools, Myers has a proven track record of establishing a culture of excellence for schools that were growing and expanding, or most recently, in schools that were experiencing enrollment challenges. His focus on strategic partnerships with donors, community leaders, and companies successfully advanced the mission of increasing access to Catholic education. On a similar note, he respects the impressive record of generosity and support that he sees in the CDH community when it comes to making the CDH experience available to those who chose it.

“Cretin-Derham Hall is distinctive because it has evolved over the last two centuries to meet the needs of the students and parents it is serving at that moment,” noted Myers. “It is amazing to think that right now, there are graduates of Cretin, Derham Hall, and CDH all over the globe sharing their talents to make the world a better place because they were afforded the opportunity to develop their God-given talents in spirituality, reading, writing, problem-solving, character, and leadership here.”

As a former principal, Myers understands the student and parent experience is paramount. To do this well, he values the role of school culture as well as curriculum. He places a high priority on the teachers because, as he explains, “Teachers are partners with parents to motivate, inspire, challenge, guide the student to explore, develop and define who they are.” 

As part of the search process, Myers spent two days on campus meeting with many constituents. A highlight of that visit was his time with the students. In talking to them, he was amazed at how passionate the students were about their full experience, both inside and outside the classroom. This year, 98% of all CDH students participate in one or more sports, clubs, or activities, and it resonated with Myers as he talked with the students. “Each face brightened as they shared the numerous clubs, sports and activities they participated in…And each one of them had several of these things they rattled off when asked what made their time at CDH important to who they are…not just one thing, but many.”

It is this sense of community, some would say ‘belonging,’ that draws Myers to CDH. He notes that he believes we are ‘all better together,’ and the high participation rate at CDH is not only important for a sense of belonging, and a chance to develop personal interests and talents, it also results in our students choosing multiple ways of making our community stronger.

Foundation of Faith

Myers also believes that Catholic education is the one place a student can fully develop his or her self — spiritually, physically, intellectually. His personal faith is a foundation for his leadership in education. “God is always there for me in times that I thrive and times that I struggle. The Lasallian value of reminding ourselves that we are always in the holy presence of God reminds me that God is with me and I need to treat those around me well because God is also with them. The Sisters of Carondelet remind us to love our  love our neighbor without distinction,” reflected Myers. He noted that one of his favorite verses is Joshua 1:9, Be resolute and strong. Be not afraid nor dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Personal Story

Born and raised in Shakopee, Minnesota, Jeb and his wife, Charlene, are proud parents of four children. "I am blessed to have found my best friend to share our lives an our four kids together," reflected Myers. He and Charlene met as young teachers in Camden, New Jersey at the Lasallian Middle School where she was a Jesuit Volunteer and he was a Lasallian Volunteer.

"We are blessed with a family who likes being together and gets along really well. We all work hard at the things we are interested in, we celebrate each other and everyone does their part to make our house function well. Laughter is a big part of our family."

The family belongs to the Church of St. Margaret Mary in Golden Valley where Myers also serves as lector and trustee. He is a graduate of St. John's University, with his graduate work at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota in both Educational Leadership and Business Administration.

As a child, his mom's family owned a grocery store in Shakopee from 1874-2001. "My family was super influential in my life. My parents work ethic, my mom's faith, my grandfather's drive for excellence was always reflected in the store when serving customers (and during competitive family gatherings.)"

He attended Shakopee Area Catholic Schools and Shakopee High School, where he enjoyed sports, playing Basketball, Baseball, and Track and Field. He was also a DARE leader and worked on the school newspaper. He balanced school, sports and worked 20+ hours a week at the store. 

He knows firsthand the impact of the four critical years of high school. One of his high school teachers, Dale Vaughan, proved to be a very impactful presence in his life and showed Myers how to motivate and challenge his students while living his values, loving his family, and teaching young people. “He mixed high academic expectations with strong moral and leadership lessons…he was a tough grader and gave authentic praise that you worked hard to earn. He built relationships with students.” Mr. Vaughan may sound familiar to some in the CDH community as he was the father of a former CDH English teacher, Susan Vaughan-Fier.

He also mentions another mentor, his Cross-Country and Track and Field Coach at St. John’s University and Cretin grad, Tim Miles ’73, who empowered his athletes to define their personal success and build into their daily life the habits needed to achieve that success.

“These are life lessons that guide my personal life, and I work hard to make sure students can discover their own potential, oftentimes through the people in their lives and the opportunities — big or small — that may come their way.”

Transition in Leadership

During the interview process, Myers was impressed with how passionate each person is about CDH and looks forward to building upon that strong foundation right away. 

“My top priority is to get to know as many members of the CDH community as possible,” said Myers. “I want to listen and learn about why each chooses to be a part of this community. What do they cherish the most? Where are the opportunities for improvement? How can we serve our students in an even more meaningful manner?”

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and the Christian Brothers will formally install Myers as President during the school year. Details will be forthcoming.

Fun Facts


Glacier National Parks: the hikes, the air quality, the views, the elevation, the serenity, and the formations are spectacular.


Starting in high school and all through college, I ran competitively. I competed semi-professionally after college and have run 8 marathons. I was 21st overall in the 2005 Twin Cities Marathon. I still run today, in all kinds of weather!


I read 25 books last year, including Atomic Habits by James Clear, American Nations by Colin Woodward, Staying Sane by Greg Harden, Holy Moments by Matthew Kelley, and Innovator’s Spirit  by Chuck Swoboda.


Berens Supermarket in Shakopee at age 10. I learned that I liked to work and that I did not want to be in the grocery business my whole life.


Ice cream. And water...a former student once wrote a poem about my love for water.


Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can change, and the wisdom to know the difference.


My family would like me to change my consistent long goodbye at Church or family gatherings when I keep talking to people. They roll their eyes when I am talking to anyone too long after church.


As a Johnnie, I’ll need to learn how to become comfortable wearing purple. For Christmas, my family did get me a purple tie!


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