A Day at CDH: Skylar McLeod '25

May 17, 2022

Skylar McLeod '25 took over the CDH Instagram on May 13, 2022, to show off a day in the life of a CDH ninth grader!

 Hey everyone! My name is Skylar McLeod and I'll be taking over the CDH Instagram today! I'm currently a ninth grader here at CDH, and I'm involved in art club, choir, and performing arts. 

I typically start my day by driving to school with my sister Luna, and then I'll head to the FTW (Fetterly/Tacheny/Watson) Values room to meet up with some friends before school starts. 
 My first class was Science and Engineering with Ms. Ellen Schafer '10! Today we did a lab with breadboards, and we learned how to light up LEDs with wires to create a circuit!

The next class I had was choir! We usually start class by warming up and then practice songs for events like concerts and performances at church. I love this class so much because it's so fun to be able to connect with students in other grades and learn new songs to sing as a whole. 

Unfortunately, our choir director Mr. Berg is gone today, so we had a study hall instead. 

 My third class was Human Geography with Mr. Rasmussen! Today we talked about race and ethnicity and the difference between the two. It's super important to learn about them because they aren't the same thing!
 Flex time! For Flex, I went into the theater and practiced a dance for Chicago with my friend Canaan. I then went to pick up my yearbook in the Field House before heading to lunch in the cafeteria!
 My last class of the day was Values. We spent the class period watching the movie, "The Hate U Give," after we finished the book and wrote an essay earlier this week. Values is one of my favorite classes because it's three all in one (Social Studies, Religion, and English), and my teachers are all so encouraging and support everyone no matter who they are. It really inspires me to strive to have the same attitude. 
 I'm ending my day performing in CDH's very own Chicago! Everyone in the cast and crew is so fantastic and we can't wait to reopen the show this weekend!


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