Habitat for Humanity Service Opportunity Resumes

Peter Gleich
November 3, 2022

After an almost two year break, a CDH crew made up of seven students and two staff got their hammers, nails, wheelbarrows and shovels out at a Habitat for Humanity building site.

The participating students were Yohannes Balema '24, Luca Benke '24, Robby Diamond '23, Bennett Dold '23, Alice Guion '23, Charlie Kimlinger '23 and Sam Laughlin '23. Br. Michael Phipps and Peter Gleich were the staff representatives. They all spent a day in West St. Paul helping a family come one day closer to having a place to truly call home and to becoming homeowners.

The day was spent preparing the interior of the house for the drywall to be "mudded and taped" the following week, as well as outdoor work getting the site ready for sod to be laid before the snow flies. In conversations upon returning to school, the students, all of whom were rather dusty and dirty, spoke of the great satisfaction they felt after completing the work. They knew that they were directly and concretely part of helping a family be one day closer to having a home. Many also noted the greater understanding they gained regarding all that goes into building a home and the dedicated work of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity assisting families in having a home.

Students interested in being part of Habitat for Humanity are encouraged to watch their CDH email for information on the December 2 building day. Please contact Mr. Gleich in Campus Ministry for more information.


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