William Burke '20 Named Cadet Colonel at JROTC Diamond Promotions

October 25, 2019

At the annual JROTC Diamond Promotion ceremony, William Burke ’20 received the highest rank of Cadet Colonel and was assigned duties as the Brigade Commander. He is the most recent leader in a long line that stretches back more than 100 years to the founding of our military program in 1917. Prior to the rank of Cadet Colonel, the student in charge of the brigade was a Cadet Major.

William joins 15 of his classmates who also earned promotion to diamond rank, so named for the diamond shape of the insignia. These 15 cadets will lead the corps through numerous activities and events culminating with the Twilight Parade. In addition to preparing for the parade, each Diamond Officer will manage a special project for the long-term benefit of the Corps.

The Brigade and Battalion staffs will guide the Corps through a continuous improvement program. All will help to celebrate, promote, and enhance the CDH JROTC program, one of the oldest in the United States.

Congratulations to the following seniors who were also promoted to Diamond Officers:

Deputy Brigade Commander: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Musolf

Brigade Executive Officer: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel William Domler

Brigade S1, Personnel: Cadet Major Monica Calkins

Brigade S2, Information: Cadet Major Andrew Domler

Brigade S3, Operations and Training: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Christian Strommen

Brigade S4, Logistics: Cadet Major Elizabeth Dougherty

Brigade S5, Communications: Cadet Major Johnathan Anderson

Band Major: Cadet Major Thomas Zastrow

Commander, 1st Battalion: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell Karas

1st Battalion Executive Officer: Cadet Major Darby Anderson

Commander, 2nd Battalion: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jack Patwell

2nd Battalion Executive Officer: Cadet Major Alexander Heer

Commander, 3rd Battalion: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Elias Brotman

3rd Battalion Executive Officer: Cadet Major Nickolas Owsley

3rd Battalion S3, Operations and Training: Cadet Major Simon Baumberger


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