Seniors Make an Impact through Big Action Projects

May 10, 2022

Seniors in Spectrum recently presented their Big Action Projects, which they worked on throughout the school year. 

Spectrum is an interdisciplinary course that includes English, Religion, and Social Studies. The course is focused on Catholic social teaching, service learning, and leadership. 

The Big Action Project, or BAP, challenges students to take on a single issue. They identify a topic early in the school year and then spend second trimester doing extensive research, including an interview with an industry/advocacy expert. They brainstorm ideas about how to address the issue within our community and submit an academic research paper. At the end of the year, they implement their action and present their findings to their peers and a panel of adults.

Samuel Goings '22 chose to research the lack of diversity in hockey. 

"Hockey has given me some of the best memories I've had, so I wanted to research how it could be more accessible," he said. "This project taught me how to properly research an issue, as we were required to interview someone, attend an event, and find numerous secondary sources."

Olivia Hunt '22 researched sexual assault on college campuses, 

"Given that I am an 18-year-old heading off to college next year, I wanted to educate myself for the safety of myself and others, as well as advocate for survivors carrying the irreversible burden of sexual assault," she said. "My goals were to spread awareness and support survivors, reinforcing the idea that the violence they’ve endured is never their fault."

John Henry Krumm '22 had been interested in the importance of school meals since he visited a low-income school through Junior Achievement as a sophomore.

"Some kids only get meals through school, and that is why they need dependable, nutritious meals served in schools," he said.
"Like any project-based-learning assignment, students take accountability for their learning through choice," said English teacher Jody Cornett. "While we want them to walk away with college-level research and presentation skills, we are equally aware of their understanding of making a difference.  The common good is something that we are all responsible for and this project allows them to demonstrate how they can impact the dear neighbor."


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