A Day at CDH: Greta Cunningham '23

By Greta Cunningham '23, Communications Apprentice
January 19, 2022

On January 19, Greta Cunningham '23 took over the CDH Instagram to show off a day as a Raider! 

 Hello, my name is Greta, and I'll be taking over the CDH Instagram today! I'm a junior in our Communications Apprenticeship, Sustainability Club, Student Council, Mock Trial, and school newspaper the Chronicle!

Today we have a late start, but I'm starting out the morning with a Student Council meeting!
 This morning Student Council met to talk about plans for Prom, Chill out Week, and out of uniform charity sales!

I had AP US Government first hour with Mr. Boisclair! For our unit on interactions among branches of government, today we learned about functions of the federal bureaucracy, such as the Federal Reserve Board's responsibility to shred worn money!
 Next, I had AP Microeconomics with Ms. Androsky where we're learning about the factor market! To prepare for our upcoming test, we did practice questions through AP Classroom.

Today during flex Sustainability Club met to work on a presentation for 9th grade Values classes about ecobricking, an alternative way to recycle plastics by turning them into building materials!

I started my afternoon classes in Spanish 503 with Sr. Lombardi! We start each class with "Café" - a time to practice our conversational Spanish. Today's topic was to discuss ways all people can be artistic in relation to the Chilean city Valparaíso.

I ended the day in Honors Analysis with Ms. Modl! Right now, we are learning about theoretical trigonometry. Thank you for following along today! Off to start some math homework!


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